Friday, 11 January 2019

August 2018 | ''Music Route Winssen'' Dijkmagazijn, Winssen, The Netherlands. Collaboration with Carel Lanters

Recycled message - August 2018 | ''Music Route Winssen'' Dijkmagazijn, Winssen, The Netherlands.

Carel Lanters and me played many sets for hundreds of people in a performance called ''Irish Pipes, Loops and additional Sounds'', during the annual Music Route in the village of Winssen. Carel played his Irish Pipes and I reacted on his sounds with pre-recorded and manipulated pipe sounds and improvised rhythm loops.

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  1. Are there any recordings of your concert. Am very interested. Best, Andy.

  2. Hello Andy, there are some phone recordings, but we will do some good audio recs somewhere in February. Please check in later, or leave your emailaddress. Thanks, Jeroen

  3. studio recordings will be made as soon as possible


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