Friday 24 May 2019

The first public exhibition of the completed Fundamentum Plastoid light sculpture

During the Stadtpartie art-festival in Einbeck (May 2019) many visitors, young and old, came down the stairway into the ancient basement under the Schrader Paint-shop in the Baustrasse, leaving many of them in astonishment about the unexpected scenery they were facing. Also the major of the city of Einbeck, Dr. Sabine Michalek, paid the light sculpture a visit, accompanied by the director of Stadtmuseum Einbeck, Dr. Elke Heege.

The light sculpture is rather hard to photograph, due to the high contrast light situation, but many visitors gave it a try with their mobile phones. Here you can see some of them.

     photo; Ulrich Hoppe

        photo; Xander Jawi


      photo; Anna Diandi

        photo; Anna Diandi 

                                 photo; Anna Diandi 

A reaction of fellow artist Anna Diandi on Instagram;

This is a part of "Acts of capriciousness - the family of plastoids " by Jeroen Huisman - an inspiring, exceptional and humorous artist. @stadtpartieeinbeck meanders a light-filled organism under the ceiling of an old vaulted cellar; with the company of two fantastic "larvae" and a newly emerging "plastoid", visitors will discover a kind of new being. You have to visit it! Or find him under : . . . . . . . . . . . #jeroenhuisman #stadtpartieeinbeck #art #dutchartist #lichtskulptur #familyofplastoids #artist #exhebition 


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