Monday 16 January 2023

2022 - 2023 | Work in progress - The transformation of my workspace >

Due to the end of all my storage places after the Covid period lots of works and material came back to the studio. So, during large parts of 2022 and beginning 2023 I had/have to renovate and reorganize my studio space. In order to meet my broad interest in techniques and media I decided to create many different ''working islands'' within the studio. Photography, video, animation, sculpture, painting, print and music can be performed in more or less designated rooms now, which is a real treat! It has become a  personal eldorado I can say.

Work still has to be done on a little audio-isolated sound studio, in which I will be able to create audio pieces without hindering my neighbors.

Last but not least a second hand solar system will be placed on the roof of the studio to make it more or less energy neutral on the electricity side.

Will keep you informed in the months to come!


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