Sunday 10 February 2019

Working period in Einbeck Germany

From February 2 till 8 2019 I have been working on my light sculpture "Fundamentum (Basement) Plastoid" right under the Schrader Paintshop in the Baustrasse in Einbeck (D). The venue is an ancient classical basement with a perfect atmosphere for a sculpture like this. In 2017 the work started and every once in a while I return to continue working.

This period I worked on the end part of the sculpture of about 1 x 1 meter, in which I included a piece (Rursum Aliud Operimentum Plastoid 2018) I made for the exhibition "Islands'' in B53 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The total length of "Basement Plastoid" will be about 8 meters. In Marz and April the work will be in finishing stage. The opening will take place during the StadpArtie festival in Einbeck in May 2019.

Mounting the "Rursum Aliud Operimentum Plastoid" piece that I created earlier in Arnhem in 2018

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