Thursday, 23 January 2020

SCANNING A PIECE OF UNKNOWN LAND - collaboration with Carel Lanters

Studio Omstand Arnhem - januari 4 t/m februari 23 2020

Arnhem based artist Mirka Farabegoli asked Carel Lanters and me to be part of the exhibition ''Toxic Bunker 2'' (Mirka Farabegoli, Hans de Wolf, Carel lanters, Jeroen Huisman) with a special request; we needed to mix our regular working materials. In our case these materials are clay (Carel) and thermoplastic (Jeroen). After some experimentation a tall shape came about, listening to the title ''Scanning An Unknown Piece Of land''. The exhibition took place in a gypsy wagon on the Studio Omstand terrain in Arnhem.

Scroll down to get the picture;

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