Saturday, 26 January 2019

Contested Space Project

Contested Space Project - January 2019 - B53 Arnhem

"Beschermen wat je dierbaar is / Protect what you hold dear" - 2013 | Contested Space Project | interventions in 7 European cities, photos. Project in which I react to the Taksim Gezi Park protests in Istanbul in 2013 | B53, Beekstraat 53, Arnhem. 
The Contested Space Project is an initiative by Joop Nuyens and will develop in the near future. Artists; Botalatala (DR Congo) - Rumanzi Canon (Uganda) - Yunjei Cho (South Korea) - Pierre Segoh (Togo) - Eunyoung Lee - Reinier de Huu - Jerome Symons - Roeki Symons - Pier Pennings – Baukje Spaltro - Jeroen Huisman.

(c) 2019 Jeroen Huisman. None of the photographs, writing and audiovisual content included on this website may be reproduces or used without the artist's permission. All rights reserved.  |

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